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Reflective Decals for School Bus
Listed in Numerical, then Alphabetical order as best we can.

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Specifications of Product on this Page:
Reflective decals can vary from engineer grade to High Intensity Reflectivity. Items are labeled to these specifics.
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Standard Handicap Icon Decal
Translucent blue film over a
White Engineer Grade White Reflective, Avery Brand
6 Inch square
SKU: RD711
REFLECTOR DECAL, 3 inch round, High Intensity
SKU: RD57A (amber, front of bus)
SKU: SD57R (red, rear of bus)

STAY BACK 10 FEET, Pre-spaced lettering
Rear and Front bumpers 4“ x 50” italic
White reflective, engineer grade
STOP ARM DECAL for Retractable arm
Stop sign arm 18x18" with cut outs.
Please try your OEM source for this decal at this time.
SCHOOL BUS on reflective background, High Intensity
Front & Rear, top of bus 9.25 x 42 inches
Discontinued at this time, Purchase from local OEM