Decal Application Instructions
Tips & Tricks


Surface Preparation
Be sure the application surface is clean and free of dirt, oils, grease, residue, wax and dust.
Clean with soap and water, dry surface, wipe with alcohol. A clean surface is IMPORTANT to ensure maximum adhesion, durability and life of the decal.
Tips, Tricks and Help
For wet application - A good homemade application solution is: 3 to 4 drops of Dawn dishwashing soap in a gallon of water ( yes just 3 or 4 drops is enough and use DAWN only) Mark location for the graphic by marking it off with masking tape around where the graphic will be placed. (Marking it with pen or marker the marks may disappear when you get the area wet if using wet application. Always rub pre-spaced graphic before starting to be sure it is adhering to the masking carrier. Wetting the masking/application tape after the graphic is applied and squeegeed will help in the removal of application tape. DO NOT hold pre-spaced graphics in air trying to remove the backing, LAY GRAPHIC FACE DOWN on a flat surface. To release any trapped air bubbles, use a pin and put a pin hole in the EDGE of the Bubble, and push air bubble from one side towards the edge with pin hole. DO NOT PUT PIN HOLE IN MIDDLE OF BUBBLE.

  Pre-spaced Application
  Dry Application:
1) Hold or tape graphic in place on vehicle.
Apply strip of Masking tape along top (or side) of
the graphic, using as a hinge.
2) Hold decal up or to the side, depending on the
hinge, and peel off the backing paper.
(Not letting decal touch the surface).
3) Hold the decal opposite the tape hinge
And pull taught and close to the application surface.
(But not touching the surface)
4) Start closest to hinge and squeegee graphic
against the surface, overlapping your strokes
and moving across the graphic pushing the air away
from the applied area as to not trap any air.
5) Remove front application tape
6) Re-rub graphics (carefully)
Wet Application:
1) Hold or tape the graphic in place on vehicle
Marking corners with masking tape around graphic
2) Lay pre-spaced graphic face down
On a table or clean area - NOT THE FLOOR
3) Remove backing paper or plastic
4) Spray surface area AND exposed adhesive area
of graphic
5) Position on surface within the tape markings
6) Working from center out, squeegee in place
7) Wipe off excess water
8) Remove front application tape
7) Re-rub graphics (carefully)
  Screen Printed Decal Application
  Dry Application:
1) Position decal with wax backing in place
2) Fold back at slit
3) Remove partial wax backing
4) Apply exposed adhesive side of decal to surface
As described in step 4 above.
5) Lift other half of decal, remove remaining wax
backing And apply remaining decal to surface
6) Rub entire decal firmly in place

Wet Application:
1) Lay decal face down on a table or clean area.
2) Remove backing paper.
3) Spray surface area AND exposed adhesive area
of decal.
4) Position on surface
5) Working from center out, squeegee decal in place
6) Wipe off excess water
7) Re-rub decal after 24 hours
Always store decals in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight and flat whenever possible.